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Start Every Day With A Little Victory

Our meticulous attention to detail and passion for coffee becomes more apparent with every sip. 

Our Cafés

Visit 801 Bank

Our first café opened in 2017, where it quickly became a coffee lovers paradise. This café provides an intimate setting to try the Glebe's favourite coffee.

Open 7-6 Monday to Friday & 8-6 on weekends!

Visit 44 Elgin

Our flagship café opened in 2021, and quickly became a beloved destination for coffee lovers from all across Canada. Come by to have an amazing experience in one of the most beautiful buildings in Ottawa.

Open 7-6 Monday to Friday & 8-6 on weekends!

Visit our new café at 209 Queen

Centrally located in Ottawa's downtown core, our third café offers the quintessential brewbar experience with spectacular design.

NOW OPEN 7-4 Monday to Friday & 9-4 on weekends!