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Who We Are

Little Victories Coffee is a small, independent specialty coffee roaster based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that is owned and operated by two coffee professionals - one roaster and one barista. We are dedicated to elevating the coffee culture in Ottawa and contributing to the bustling Canadian coffee scene. 


How Did We Get Here?

The company was started by two longtime friends who shared a passion for coffee and who wanted to improve the quality of coffee for people in Ottawa. Jeremie Thompson has been a barista, manager, and master roaster in the Ottawa area for over 10 years. He has helped start cafés in Ottawa, travelled to Central and South America on sourcing trips while training farmers in these regions about roasting practices, and is a certified master roaster and espresso technician. He met Andrew Bassett while working as a coffee roaster, and they developed a close friendship. Andrew was a young barista and over the course of many years, Jeremie taught him about the coffee scene, and how to improve his skills as a barista. 

When it came time for Andrew to move on, he travelled to Melbourne, Australia where he continued to grow his skills as a barista. While working in Melbourne his skills grew exponentially, and he realised how much of a gap in quality there was between the leader in the coffee industry, and his home city, Ottawa. He contacted Jeremie with an idea, and the two began brainstorming. 

What We Do

At LVC, we try to do things differently. Our company is built upon relationships, and we strive to ignite a passion for coffee in everyone we meet. We focus on educating our customers to better inform them of what they are drinking, and we focus on training all of our staff and wholesale partners to the highest degree of quality. Whether it is roasting, our sourcing practices, our environmental standpoint, or our branding, we try to approach every aspect of our company as if it is the most subtle, but important detail.

Sourcing Practices

We ethically source our coffee, using direct trade whenever possible. We believe the standard coffee certifications have become more of a marketing trademark than a benefit to small scale coffee growers. We believe in developing long lasting relationships with farmers and buying outside of the larger coffee import companies whenever possible.


We roast all of our coffees on our 15kg Loring Falcon. Loring Roasters are the cleanest burning, most intelligent and most consistent roasters in the world and we are lucky to be the first in Ottawa to have one. We generally focus on light roasts, and aim to roast coffee which is as complex and beautiful, as it is developed and balanced. 


We deliver our wholesale coffee in re-useable branded pails, which allows us to save thousands of foil bags from being sent to landfill every month. Our retail bags are completely compostable after removing the tin-tie, and they are made of 40% recycled kraft paper. 

Style and Packaging

All of our branding is hand-drawn, mostly by our friends at 1924US, based out of Portland, USA. We love the genuine look that comes from something drawn by hand. It is artistic talent in its purest form.

Our bags are printed by WeDoPrinting in Cornwall, Ontario on a Heidelberg Windmill Black Ball circa 1950s printing press. The bags are mechanically pressed and have the image debossed into the bag, with crisp, clean and precise lines. Every bag is unique, which connects our packaging to the coffee inside it.

You Can Always Get Better

At Little Victories Coffee, we are always trying to improve ourselves and help our community any way we can. Our only goal is to be able to constantly and consistently produce fantastic cups of coffee. It's is our passion for coffee, our skill, our knowledge, and our willingness to learn while trying new things that will continue to set us apart.