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How long does your coffee last?

We tell people our coffee lasts in bean form for up to about 4 weeks from roast date. We try to discourage use of our grinding services, as the quality of coffee fundamentally changes once it’s ground. It really is best when freshly ground!

 Do you have a return policy?

Unfortunately, we don't currently have a return policy in place for coffee. If something happens and you buy a bag and it isn't you're liking, contact us and we'll be able to work something out for you. With any equipment there is a 7 day return policy for manufacturing defects. Products must be returned in original packaging and be un-used to warrant a refund. We are not responsible for shipping costs on returns. If something goes seriously wrong, contact us and we'll be able to help. 

 How frequently do you ship orders? Do you ship internationally?

We try our best to ship orders next business day. Shipping times vary by destination. If you're an international client, please contact us and we'll do our best to make something happen.

 Is your coffee fair trade?

Our coffee does not carry the fair trade certification, however, we source on a direct trade basis whenever possible. The majority of coffee we purchase is sourced directly from farmers and co-operatives by our very own staff who regularly travel for sourcing trips. Our sourcing practices are based around building relationships with producers, negotiating individual terms and prices, thus cutting out the middle men and agencies.

It’s a little more complicated, but the idea is that a fair price is agreed on between both parties and the growers receive considerably more money for their product by reducing the number of hands touching the product.

 Is your coffee organic?

Our main focus with our coffee is taste and consistent quality. This is ultimately the result of careful and sustainable farming practices. We do not advertise our coffees being organic, as most of them have not received the organic seal. This does not mean our coffees haven’t been scrutinised to the same standards that organic coffee has. In reality, sometimes an organic seal wouldn’t be received because the farm would be too poor to receive the seal. It’s our goal to build relationships and help farmers with sustainable farming practices, so that more coffees can receive the recognition they deserve.