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Loveramics Slow Drip Brewer

Loveramics Slow Drip Brewer

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The Loveramics brewers consist of 3 different drippers that allow you to control the coffee even more. You may switch up the embossment of the different drippers for the ideal brew time & body of coffee. Purchase all 3 together to be able to experience the different types of coffee the brewer creates, or pick your favourite finish/style and enjoy at home.

*Please note that the base is sold separately - Click Here*

Choose from:

White - Strong Dripper - Slow Speed.

Green - Smooth Dripper - Medium Speed.  

Blue - Mellow Dripper - Fast Speed. 

Works with Hario 02 paper, Kinto 2 & 4 cup paper filters, and similar size metal filters.

DIMENSIONS: Length 11.5cm ; Width 11.5cm ; Height 8cm MATERIALS: Porcelain