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LVC Classic Bike Jersey

LVC Classic Bike Jersey

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This Pearl Azumi Pro custom bike jersey is part of LVC's first round venturing into a new avenue of merchandise! We have been long connected to the bike community, ever since our first café was located in the small bike shop in Hintonburg, and this just felt like a great year to try something new by producing our own bike kit! This jersey is a more classic material, compared to the promesh jersey's. 3 pockets on the back make sure you can haul everything you need. The material is soft, breathable and extremely comfortable. Avid cyclists ourselves, we were overwhelming impressed with the quality of this jersey. 

The response to the LVC Kit was unbelievable, and the majority of the kit sold out almost instantly. The remaining sizes are available here, and when they are gone - they are gone! 

This jersey comes in both men's and women's sizes, and is a more 'relaxed' fit. Given the response to this first round of kit, expect more in the future, so don't be too heart broken if you missed out on this round.