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Costa Rica Don Joel - SL28

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Notes of Vibrant Orange, Blackberry & Fig.

The fourth release in our Reserve series, comes the Don Joel Micro-Mill SL28. This classically Kenyan Varietal, was grown in Costa Rica using new and exciting production methods and processing, which helps it yield an exceptional cup score and connecting it to our reserve series. 

Don Joel is a micro-mill located in the West Valley of Costa Rica. The proprietor, Allan Oveido, produces this coffee at La Cumbre farm, and is an excellent cultivator of honey coffees & naturals. 

This coffee was sourced by Cole Torode of Rosso Coffee Roasters/Forward Coffee based in Calgary. Cole is a great friend of ours and Canadian coffee royalty, and we are always extremely impressed with the coffees he sources with his team at Forward. Cole has been visiting the farm for more than 5 years, which means he has seen these trees grow from seedlings to bearing fruit, which he says gives him a "parental" sense towards this lot. It's another perfect example of how an experimental lot can be nurtured and pursued into becoming an absolutely fantastic cup.

Sold in 180g Tins, marking a bit of a higher value per tin instead of the standard 100g reserve series tins. 

Varietals: SL28
Region: San Luis de Grecia, West Valley, Costa Rica
Altitude: 1550-1650 MASL
Processing: White Honey