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Colombia Raquel Lasso - Geisha

Colombia Raquel Lasso - Geisha

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Our second coffee to feature in the Reserve series is this delightfully floral Colombian Geisha. This purely Panamanian seed brought to the Raquel Lasso's family run farm, and there are just 6000 geisha trees planted on her land.

The Lasso family have been a prominent and important leaders for Colombian coffee production for years, but Raquel's greatest achievement comes from creating the NGO FUDAM. FUDAM and the Lasso family have almost single handedly improved the coffee quality and hence, household incomes for many hundreds of smallholders across La Union and Buesaco. They have been instrumental in improving processing, picking, fermentation, drying and storage, and they have done so while maintaining an fundamental principle of gender equality. Raquel herself is a devout believer that economic independence for women within households reduces domestic violence, improves family incomes and child welfare, and leads to exponential growth within communities. We are incredibly proud to purchase this coffee and support Raquel's relentless pursuit of producing wonderful coffees while having a socio-economic impact on Nariño and Colombia. 

2017 was a one-in-ten production year in Colombia, with an exceptional growing season followed by an unparalleled drying season. Volcanic soils in Nariño characterize its coffees' distinct profiles. 

We're thrilled to have this coffee in our lineup and it is extremely limited. We've created this re-sealable tin with it's special label to highlight the rarity of this special lot of coffee. There are only 80 tins total of this coffee for release from us, and it will sell out. Wonderfully floral and sweet, this coffee is an example of what got LVC so into coffee's, with "I didn't know coffee could taste like this" moments occurring almost daily. Enjoy!  

Notes: Hibiscus, Strawberry Jam, Orange Blossom

Farm Name: La Bohemia

Altitude: 1800-2000 MASL
Varietals: Geisha
Process: Coffee cherries are depulped by hand, then fermented for 48 hours in food grade plastic tubs, then fully washed, and dried on shade covered raised beds
Region: Nariño, Colombia