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Costa Rica Santa Teresa - White Honey Geisha

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Our third feature in the Reserve series is this unique Costa Rican Geisha. This coffee was sourced by our good friend and 2-time Canadian Barista Champion, Cole Torode, who has started his own company directly focused on sourcing. Cole has worked with Santa Teresa in Costa Rica exclusively for a few years, and secured a couple of Geisha lots this year. These types of coffee epitomize what keeps us energized about specialty coffee.

White Honey processing is the process of only partially removing the mucilage from the green beans before drying, rather than entirely washing them or using natural processing. This mucilage is often a golden colour, extremely sweet and sticky - earning the name, honey process. Honey processed coffees also tend to be much sweeter than natural or washed processed coffees.

We're thrilled to have this coffee in our lineup and it is extremely limited (only 2 roasts!). We've created this re-sealable tin with a embossed label to highlight the rarity of this special lot. There are only 100 tins total for release from us, and it will sell out.   

Notes: Orange Blossom, Apricot, Brandy

Farm Name: Santa Teresa

Altitude: 2000 MASL
Varietals: Geisha
Processing: White Honey 
Region: Terrazu, Costa Rica