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Kenya Windrush AA

Kenya Windrush AA

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Atop the very high and very steep slopes of Kiambu county, lies the Windrush Estate. Famed for it's exceptional coffee and tea growing, it is the only estate left in Kenya exclusively farming one of classic and traditional Kenyan varietals: SL28. It is among the oldest estates in the country, which uses exceptional water retainment techniques and blue grass planting to prevent erosion. This has allowed the farm to flourish year after year.  

Traditional fermentation techniques allow this coffee to shine without being out-of-reach for the daily consumer. The coffee is de-pulped, the parchment is then fermented in concrete tanks, afterwhich it is washed and dried. It then lies first on skin-drying beds overnight, and second on raised beds for 7 days.

We purchased this coffee through an import agency that bought it on the Nairobi Coffee Exchange. This ensures that farmer receives the highest price for their coffee, as it is an auction style buying system, and that the buyer and producer retain full traceability.  

Notes: Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Sangria, Clementine

Altitude: 1750 MASL
Varietal: SL28
Process: Ferment, Fully Washed, Dried for 7 days on raised beds.
Region: Kaimbu, Kenya