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Kenya Thiriku AB

Kenya Thiriku AB

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Notes of lemonade, white grape, lavender.

The Thiriku Cooperative is a producer group that has really gone through the ups and downs within the last few decades. Due to corruption from within the groups board members, as well as poor growing seasons, many farmers had left the industry to plant more lucrative crops. That is all before Trabocca stepped in. 

Trabocca, our sourcing partner for almost all our Kenya lots, partnered with Thiriku to help to ease the burden of dealing with middlemen, and fraudulent officials. They created a direct sales agreement, in which Trabocca committed to purchase directly from farmers, and to help develop higher quality standards within everything from planting and processing, to farm management. Trabocca has since invested heavily into the infrastructure of the farm, and the quality of lots has skyrocketed back to become an extremely reputable cooperative. 

This coffee was sourced in partnership with our friends at Trabocca, based in the Netherlands. Trabocca has developed lasting and valuable relationships in Kenya, and it's neighbouring countries, to be able to consistently source and purchase some of the best lots from these countries. They do so using equitable buying practices, and publish the pricing paid for their lots to aide in creating continued transparency between the roaster and producers.

Varietals: SL28
Region: Nyeri
Altitude: 1880-1970 MASL
Processing: Washed