Guatemala La Maravilla Amarillo

Guatemala La Maravilla Amarillo

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Caturra grown at around 1800 masl.

Notes of brown sugar, melon, cranberry. 

The farm is a landscape of very steep undulating hills in a mini canyon all of its own.
Mauricio has divided the farm into separate parcels of distinct varietals and altitudes.

Mezcal is dedicated to Caturra. The power in buying separated parcels is maintaining the integrity of the very unique terroirs, all of which perfume differently in the fermentation tank and hence in the roaster. The smallness of the family operation means Mauricio and his son Luis can be super anal about processing. Luis is studying agricultural engineering and is passionate about sustainable and smart agriculture. The farm captures rainwater in dams, recycles washing water as much as humanly possible and carefully decontaminates the small amount of waste water produced. The farm is full of lush shade trees – a necessity to avoid erosion on these steep slopes.

The particularly cold conditions at Finca La Maravilla influence fermentation and hence cup. Cherries are selectively hand picked and depulped into very large cement tanks inside a fairly open structure exposed to the cold night breezes.