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Ethiopia Hunkute

Ethiopia Hunkute

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The Hunkute washing station is one of the best know stations in Sidama, as it's consistently outstanding lots have flourished year after year. We're thrilled to purchase it for the first time, as it was one of the four coffees we purchased through a third party import agency from the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU). The SCFCU forms a union of 53 cooperatives that represent over 80,000 small-hold farmers in the Sidama zone of southern Ethiopia, making it the second largest coffee producing cooperative union in the country. Almost all of the coffee in the co-op is shade-grown in low densities under canopies of indigenous trees 95% of which is washed process.

This coffee is about as classic as an Ethiopian as they come. Bright, clean, citrusy tones cover a well rounded and warm body. 

Notes: Black Tea, Meyer Lemon, Bergamot

Altitude: 1900-2000 MASL
Varietal: Heirloom Ethiopian Varietals
Process: Fully Washed
Region: Sidama, Ethiopia