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Ethiopia Gora Kone

Ethiopia Gora Kone

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Notes of juicy, blueberry, lime. 

If you are travelling to the south of Ethiopia, you'll come across the fabled Sidama region, known throughout specialty coffee worldwide as being a hotspot for exceptional lots and COE winning coffees. Once you arrive there, there will be a turning point in which you can either go to Yirgacheffe, Guji, or on the road less travelled towards Nensebo, West Arsi. Here, you will find diverse and interesting lots, and the Gora Kone washing station showing it's potentially as one of the up and coming regions within Sidama. The coffees from Gora Kone are complex, interesting and classically profiled Sidama's that yield intense, deep fruit and citrus characteristics.

This coffee was sourced in partnership with our friends at Trabocca, based in the Netherlands. Trabocca is one of the premier sourcing partners with established multi faceted relationships based in Ethiopia, and one of the global leaders of sourcing from this region. This coffee is fully traceable, directly through Trabocca's channels. 

Varietals: Heirloom Ethiopian Varietals
Region: West Arsi, Ethiopia
Altitude: 1900-2000 MASL
Processing: Washed