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Ethiopia Dika Gabe

Ethiopia Dika Gabe

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The Dika Gabe Cooperative was formed in 1970, when 4 rural kebeles (neighbourhoods) joined together while striving to improve their businesses and livelihoods. This cooperative can be found in the southwest region of Ethiopia in the Oromia state, Ilubabour zone, and Gore woreda. Farmers in the region cultivate maize, sorghum, teff, wheat, and barley to supplement income in order to improve the quality of coffee. TechnoServe has helped this co-op advance their growing techniques, improve infrastructure, and specialize processing methods 10 fold, with no use of agrochemicals on any of their crops.

This lot yields intense fruit, however not in the same sparkling way expected in a traditional Ethiopian. Look for more fruit punch notes instead of intense lemon and more bass than floral. Extremely diverse and phenomenal as espresso, this coffee is a pleasant change to your morning routine and something everyone should try.

This is our second season with this coffee and it continues to be a staff and customer favourite!

Notes: Fruit Punch, Sparkling Mandarin, Lime

Location: Illubabor, Ethiopia
Processing: Washed
Varietals: Heirloom
Elevation: 1694m
Established: 2010