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Ethiopia Chelbesa Danche

Ethiopia Chelbesa Danche

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Notes of rhubarb jam, orange blossom, bergamot.

This absolutely fabulous Ethiopian coffee comes to us from the Danche Chelbesa washing station in Gedeb. Gedeb is known to the coffee world as the "Yirgacheffe" region, known for its complex and fascinating flavours in found in coffees from here, as well as being of exceptional quality.

Danche comes as the name of the small washing station in the village of Chelbesa, located in the infamous region. The brand new (less than a year old) washing station built by SNAP trading, and the hard work of 476 small-holder producers, typically farming on lots about 1-2 hectares in size, is how this coffee gets to the level it is. The average altitude of the farms is 2050MASL, which is important because altitude factors in to acidity and sweetness levels.

This coffee boasts balanced acidity, sweet mouthfeel, and hugely sophisticated notes. It also scores high enough to be apart of our reserve series, but we just wanted everyone to have an opportunity to try it.

This lot was purchased through our friends and sourcing partners, Shared Source, who do an excellent job with pricing transparency, farmer support and finding stand-out lots that we are fortunate to be able to share with you!

Varietals: Wolisha & Dega Heirlooms 
Region: Gedeo, Gedeb Woreda, "Yirgacheffe" 
Altitude: 1950-2200 MASL
Processing: Washed