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Ethiopia Idido

Ethiopia Idido

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Notes of meyer lemon, black tea, jasmine.

The Idido community is one of four communities to process their coffee at one of the new hubs for coffee in the iconic Yirgacheffe region, the Aricha washing station. Here, you'll find washed and natural processed lots brought in by the four communities, to a revitalized washing station owned by Coffee exporter Faysel Yonis. Faysel has contributed to helping create new infrastructure within the region, and has the goals of developing an electrical network for more local communities and provide everyone in the area access to clean drinking water. Purchasing coffee from his washing station helps make those goals possible! 

We brought idido's natural lot in during 2022, and we were immensely impressed with its crop. We decided to go back to our more traditional lot approach with this washed process Ethiopian, which sings of black tea and lemon. As classic as it gets.

This coffee was sourced in partnership with our friends at Trabocca, based in the Netherlands. Trabocca is one of the premier sourcing partners with established multi faceted relationships based in Ethiopia, and one of the global leaders of sourcing from this region. This coffee is fully traceable, directly through Trabocca's channels. We are proud to have Idido on our offer list for the first time!

Varietals: Heirloom Ethiopian Varietals
Region: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Altitude: 1950-2150 MASL
Processing: Washed