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Colombia Moises Guerrero

Colombia Moises Guerrero

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Colombia Moises Guerrero is one of the new lots in our spring 2018 line up. This wonderfully fun Colombia comes to us from the La Union district of Nariño, and is farmed on Moises' farm, Monte Redondo. Volcanic soils and an Andean climate make an ideal growing habitat for the 8000 Colombia trees planted. Nariño had exceptional production this past year, and the harvest was a 1-in-10 crop in terms of quality. 

The cherries of the coffees are exceptionally picked and have a 14hr dry fermentation using the traditional methods of ceramic-lined cement tanks. The beans are then fully washed and dried in parabolic driers for 15 days. 

We purchased this coffee through a third party sourcing agency that works with FUNDAM, a NGO meant to provide coffee producers improved salaries to boost infrastructure to their small-hold farms. 

Notes: Blood Orange, Caramel, Stonefruit

Altitude: 1800 MASL
Varietal: Colombia
Process: Dry Ferment, Fully Washed, Dried for 15 days in parabolic dryers.
Region: Nariño, Colombia