Colombia Luis Horacio Castro Tuquerres

Colombia Luis Horacio Castro Tuquerres

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This lovely, tea like coffee from the Nariño region of Colombia shines with diversity. It's complex and bright as an espresso, but silky smooth as a filter. Luis Horacio farms this lot on his family run farm in Arboleda, Nariño, with volcanic soils ultimately producing a wonderful crop, with this year being no exception. 

We purchased this coffee through a third party agency working with ALAINZA CAFE, which is a small holder association managed by the Benevides family in the town of Buesaco. This association has helped to support farmers to produce specialty grade coffee, and have helped to progress fermentation, drying and storage techniques, and the results have been outstanding.

 Notes: Green Tea, Sugarcane, Red Fruit

Altitude: 1950 MASL
Varietal: Colombia
Process: 15hr Dry Ferment, Fully Washed, Dried for 15 days on patios
Region: Arboleda, Nariño