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Colombia La Argentina - Pink Bourbon

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Notes of peach, marmalade, honeydew.

La Argentina Pink Bourbon is from the newly formed ASOPROCAAR producer group, who all wet process and bed dried their lots. ASOPOCAAR is a small association of producers in the municipality of La Argentina, made up of 13 group members. This lot is micro-regional blend is made up of coffees from: Osvald Ultengo, Salomon Calderon, Abel Aya, Johanna Palacios, Guido Valencia, and Jose Oliver Vargas.

What is really cool about this coffee is how it has changed the farmers lives involved in the new group. Up until about 9 months ago, they had pretty much only ever sold their coffee to the local market for sub-economical pricing. The company that sourced this coffee for us, Shared Source, had long been connected a friend of the producers, Willington Ultengo, and the members were encouraged by seeing Willington sell his differentiated coffee at a premium. They saw Willington’s connection to the final buyer as the most valuable thing that they didn’t have, and they were thrilled to be able to create a group that can help facilitate more advanced processing methods, as well as organic certifications. 

Willington has been selected as the leader and was made president and now, two years in, half of the group is already transitioning towards fully organic agricultural practices. The rest of the group are really committed to learn and they’re excited to have found a buyer willing to pay a premium to recognize and support environmentally friendly practices

We original brought in the caturra lot of La Argentina and it was one of our favourite coffees in 2021. We're thrilled to have their pink bourbon back on our list. 

This coffee was sourced by our friends at Shared Source. Michelle & Andrew, with their staff, do an excellent job with providing pricing transparency and develop lifelong relationships with their farming partners, which is why we love to work with them. 

Varietals: Pink Bourbon
Region: La Argentina, Huila
Altitude: 1850 MASL
Processing: Washed