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Colombia Granja Paraíso 92 - Variety Pack

Colombia Granja Paraíso 92 - Variety Pack

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In this varietal pack, you'll receive 3 x 100g tins - one of each of the Pink Bourbon, Java, and Koji Striped Bourbon! We purchased Wilton's 100% caturra lot and released it at the end of 2023, which became our best selling single origin of the year.   

The three coffee's you will receive in this pack are: 

Pink Bourbon P09 - notes of limeade, sparkling grapefruit, rooibos tea. Read more specifics about this coffee here.

Java P14 - notes of milk chocolate, candied orange, ice cream. Read more specifics about this coffee here.

Koji Striped Bourbon - notes of tropical fruits, stewed berries, tamarind. Read more specifics about this coffee here.

Granja Paraíso 92 is an extraordinary place. Located just outside of Piendamo, in Cauca, Wilton Benitez and his team of farmers, agronomists, family & friends produce some of the highest quality coffee we have ever tasted. Each of these three lots are all primary examples that change your perception of what coffee can taste like. We are so proud to have these wonderful and extremely limited coffees on our list. 

Wilton, who is part mad scientist, part engineer, & part coffee farmer, has been producing coffee for 26 years, 16 years of which he has exclusively been focused on specialty coffee. With the help of his brother, he designs and builds all of the industry leading equipment that he uses to process coffee on his farm. He uses bio-reactors, that he built for controlled fermentation, as well as being able to maintain constant control of factors like temperature, pH, and brix. This is no small endeavour and requires a huge amount of dedication to the process. Once the washed parchment has been processed, he transfers the coffee to eco-dryers, again which he built, that run on meagre amounts of electricity, and allow to completely recycle the water that has been removed from the processed coffee. 

Andrew had the opportunity to visit Wilton in October of 2023, after meeting him in El Salvador in March of that year and had a phenomenal 3 days at his farm with him & his team. The farm is a beautiful eco-system filled with local species of birds, animals, plants, all the which is surrounded by extremely healthy vegetation amongst one hundred hectares of specialty coffee.