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Colombia Adriana Masivoy - Honey

Colombia Adriana Masivoy - Honey

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Notes of vanilla custard, lime juice, cranberry.

Adriana Masivoy's lovely honey process lot comes to us from a tiny 4 hectare farm in Nariño. Meticulous attention to detail and care shares host to this farm, which was inherited by Adriana from her mother and has been producing coffee for 8 years. Many producers in the the region of Aponte are part of the indigenous Inga community that was once part of the northern Inca empire before the arrival of Spanish colonizers. The region, which has a cool micro climate and high altitude, is perfect for coffee growing, but falls directly on a seismic fault, meaning the village has been devastated by earthquakes. This has caused Adriana and her husband, who had their home damaged by these earthquakes to move their home to near by Buesaco, where they live.

What makes the honey process different from the more traditional washed process, is it is almost a hybrid process sort of in-between natural process (huge flavours, acidity, primitive methods) and the washed process (what has become the standard coffee processing method.) Honey process means the fresh coffee cherries are pulped, but allowed to dry without washing. This keeps some of the fruit on the cherry, creating a golden, honey-like mucilage which is left on the bean until milling. This process saves water, and allows the mucilage to be removed physically during milling, rather than being removed via water during the wash process. 

This coffee carries huge vanilla tones, with a custard like mouth feel, dazzling red fruit finish and subtle acidity. It's another step towards LVC continuing to purchases higher quality, more diverse lots within our catalogue.

This coffee was sourced by our friends at Shared Source. Michelle & Andrew, with their staff and partners in Colombia, do an excellent job with providing pricing transparency, while develop lifelong relationships with their farming partners. Frank Torres, another producer who's coffee we have purchased multiple years in a row, assisted in creating this relationship between Shared Source and Adriana, by working with her directly on the ground in Colombia and connecting the two parties!

Varietals: Caturra & Variedad
Region: Aponte, Tablón de Gomez, Nariño, Colombia
Altitude: 2100 MASL
Processing: Honey process