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Guatemala San Antonio Chaguite

Guatemala San Antonio Chaguite

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Guatemala San Antonio Chaguite is a bean we have consistently watched, cupped, scored, and sampled for years. Chaguite is a small estate made up of four different farms owned by William Perez and his son, Guillermo. Due to the high altitude of this farm, the crop peaks quite late and the harvest is typically starting as other farms in the region are wrapping up. We have seen many roasters from around the world have great success with this coffee, and we are thrilled to bring it to the LVC lineup.

This washed caturra hums with rich warm tones and a pleasant body, with enough depth and complexity to enlighten any enthusiast. Hues of rich dark chocolate coat your mouth as the sweetness of a mandarin bounce off your tongue. It has been a joy to work with and is one of the most interesting Guatemalans we have tried in years.

Notes: Cacao Nibs, Orange Marmalade, Apple

Location: Huehuetenango
Altitude: 1800-2100 masl
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed, dried on Patios