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Guatemala Javier Martinez

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Notes of waffle cookie, raw cacao, orange.

Absolutely classic huehue profile of bakers chocolate up front, with a lovely tangerine finish. 

Javier Martinez is thinking about quality all the time, whether it be from his careful processing regime, to the planning and pruning of his shade trees, which helps for the soils and the coffee trees. He is always carefully analyzing how to create a quality product. Learning to farm from his mother, Porfiria, he has taken over both his own farm and hers, making up about 24 hectares.

Filled with mostly traditional varietals of bourbon and caturra, his farm is near Peña Roja, extends up towards 1780MASL. Gravilea and Chalúm shade tress planted on the farm protect soils and return the micronutrients to the soil. Huehuetenango is a renowned coffee region of Guatemala, with classic profiles, interesting micro climates and dedicated producers. This lot is no exception to that and we are happy to have Javier's coffee in our offer list for the first time. 

This lot was purchased through our friends and sourcing partners, Shared Source, who do an excellent job with pricing transparency, farmer support and finding stand-out lots that we are fortunate to be able to share with you!

Varietals: Caturra & Bourbon
Region: Peña Roja, La Mesilla, Huehuetenango, 
Altitude: 1780 MASL
Processing: Washed