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Ethiopia Ahmed Abatemam - Processing Pack

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Notes of raspberry, pineapple, candied figs / peach, lemongrass, jasmine.

This coffee is part of a special series, highlighting the same producer, Ahmed Abatemam, while showcasing two different processes - the washed process and honey process, side by side. This processing pack will include a bag of each process, for a discounted rate, allowing people to try the different processing methods side by side for the first time. 

Ahmed's coffee is special to us for lots of reasons, this being the third time we have purchased his coffee. What makes his coffee so fantastic is ideal growing conditions in the coffee centric region of Agaro. His farm is close to the renowned washing station of Hunda Oli, another coffee that we had purchased and featured this year. 

Ahmed and his brother produced these two lots this year on their 35Ha farm. This pack highlights both of those processes. The honey process is different from the more traditional washed process, as it is almost a hybrid process sort of in-between natural process (huge flavours, acidity, primitive methods) and the washed process (what has become the standard coffee processing method.)

Honey process means the fresh coffee cherries are pulped, but allowed to dry without washing. This keeps some of the fruit on the cherry, creating a golden, honey-like mucilage which is left on the bean until milling. This process saves water, and allows the mucilage to be removed physically during milling, rather than being removed via water during the wash process. 

The washed process has become the more common, and traditional type of processing. Cherries are selectively picked and depulped in the afternoon into traditional concrete tank and allowed to ferment under water. The following afternoon the coffee is washed once and then left until the following morning for final washing. Drying is on beds, under shade initially.

The difference in taste between the honey process and the washed process is staggering. This allows us the perfect example to showcase the difference that processing can make in coffee, when taking the same varietals, from the same farmer, processing them differently, resulting in massive changes in flavour to the end cup. 

Varietals: Ethiopian Heirlooms 
Region: Agaro, Jimma, 
Altitude: 2100 MASL
Processing: Honey