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Colombia Potosi

Colombia Potosi

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Notes of black currant, passionfruit, cacao nibs.

This lovely washed Caturra comes to us from the siblings owners of the Potosi farm, Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera. They are a third generation coffee producing family, with their grandparents starting the farm they still operate today in 1945. This family is responsible for Cafe Granja La Esperanza which has become Finca La Esperanza, a COE winning and industry regarded relic of Colombia specialty coffee farming.

On top of industry leading farming practices, they are constantly trying to innovate with new processing methods and techniques. The process used on this coffee is called "Las Mariposas", meaning "butterflies." It's special because it's intentionally fermented twice, purposely giving it well balanced and palatable acidity, lovely floral tones and a silky and sweet mouthfeel.

We purchased this coffee from Forward Coffee is owned and operated by our good friend Cole Torode and his partners at Rosso Coffee Roasters in Calgary. We're super grateful to have a wonderful relationship with Cole and the team at Forward, and we're very fortunate to have his coffees in our line up. 

Varietals: Caturra
Region: Trujillo, Valle del Cauca
Altitude: 1400-1860 MASL
Processing: Washed "Las Mariposas"