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Colombia Nolberto Olaya

Colombia Nolberto Olaya

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Notes of molasses, cherry, black tea.

Nolberto Olaya is a 3rd generation coffee producer that has been working in coffee for 23 years. He is considered a genius in holistic and regenerative farming within his community and manages his farm completely organically using only carefully decomposing farm outputs to break down the micro-nutrients to return to the soils. He rarely ever has to purchase a store-made organic input to keep his trees healthy. His harvest is super healthy year over year, with more than 90% of his farm under shade trees and Nolberto's forward thinking mindset.

Nolberto and his son Yefferson, who is a trained sample roaster and cupper, work together to identify the correct processing method for each of the 8+ varietals grown on their farm. For this tabi lot, they chose the classic washed process. The lot first begins its fermentation process from within the cherry (natural bacteria enter through the tip where the cherry is picked) in a cherry ferment. The cherries are kept in a sealed Grain Pro bag, and Nolberto combines two days of picking and the end of the second day to have enough volume to process. He washes and floats all of the cherries in water to remove the under-and-over-ripe cherries, while homogenizing all the cherries temperature. From there, he de-pulps the coffee and leaves it for 100 hours in sealed pickle barrels. From there, with special lots like this tabi, they make sure that the coffee is dried under a roof on the second floor of their home, rotating it once a day every day for 25-40 days depending on the weather.

This coffee was sourced by our friends at Shared Source. Michelle & Andrew, with their staff and partners in Colombia, do an excellent job with providing pricing transparency, while develop lifelong relationships with their farming partners.

Varietals: Tabi & Caturra
Region: El Ruby, Planadas, Nariño
Altitude: 2000 MASL
Processing: Washed