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Colombia Jonathan Caicedo

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Notes of vanilla custard, lemon gelato, rose.

19 year old Jonathan Caicedo grows this 100% caturra lot on just 5 hectares of land at his farm, Finca La Esperanza. Considered to be a total young gun, Jonathan is an attention-to-detail pro, with stringent picking methods focusing entirely on only ripe cherries, as underripe cherries, even ones that look red, can produce green notes in roasted coffee. Fermentation is done black bags placed in tanks for up to 60 hours, depending on the temperature outside, in the necessary shade. Also an avid experimenter, Jonathan is eagerly playing around with new processing methods including fermenting coffee in black bags while placed in pickel barrels with water and microorganisms added, or in black bags with microorganisms and yeast. It's this sense of adventure that we are sure is going to propel Jonathan into being an exceptionally special producer, as he as accomplished all of this by age 19. 

This coffee was sourced by our friends at Shared Source. Michelle & Andrew, with their staff and partners in Colombia, do an excellent job with providing pricing transparency, while develop lifelong relationships with their farming partners. They believe that Jonathan and his group of producers that he is apart of, Los Guácharos, will continue to cultivate some of the finest coffees coming out of Huila, and we are thrilled to be working with them and to have this coffee. 

Varietals: Caturra
Region: Bruselas, Huila
Altitude: 1750-1800 MASL
Processing: Washed