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Colombia Ildefonso Córdoba - Pink Bourbon

Colombia Ildefonso Córdoba - Pink Bourbon

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Notes of pink lemonade, pineapple, soft florals.

Ildefonso Córdoba is a member of the Los Guacharos group, and this 100% Pink Bourbon lot comes to us from his 4 hectare farm. We had purchased the Los Guacharos pink bourbon community lot in 2022 and were immensely impressed with this coffee. The group is made up of independent, quality-focused small producers in Bruselas, Southern Huila & is in the process of converting to organic agriculture, by using such practices as making their own fertilizers and fungicides, and installing complex water filtration systems that use gravity, stones and sand to remove all mucilage residues from waste water in order to not contaminate the community water system.

Ildefonso is known as the joker of the Los Guarcharos group but he is an excellent producer who started his own farm from scratch 12 years ago. His processing for this PB lot he has down to a careful science. On day 1, he picks cherries (pink bourbons are difficult to pick at peak ripeness, because their colour can make the cherries seem unripe!). He leaves the coffee in cherry for 12 hours in tulas- nylon woven bags- until the morning of day 2. Because his pink bourbon lot is on the smaller side, he’s able to pick most of it in one day. He floats the cherries to remove the over- and under-ripe cherries, and then de-pulps them, using a screen to further remove stray pulp that can make it into the tank, and ensure a homogenous fermentation. He ferments coffee in sealed bags in ceramic tanks to stay cool, and he monitors the fermentation carefully- each varietal ferments differently, so he doesn’t rely on specific hours. He washes the coffee once, and then takes it down to his drying deck. The coffee is then stored in grainpro bags to keep it stable. 

This coffee was sourced by our friends at Shared Source. Michelle & Andrew, with their staff, do an excellent job with providing pricing transparency and develop lifelong relationships with their farming partners, which is why we love to work with them. 

Varietals: Pink Bourbon
Region: Bruselas, Southern Huila
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Processing: Washed