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Colombia Frank Torres

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Notes of passionfruit, lavender jam, honey. 

Frank Torres has been a producer we have been following and admiring for many years. He's a perfect example of a generational coffee family, who inherited his farm, La Indonesia, from his father with his siblings Angel, Yorgeny, and Gabriel. The change in leadership has allowed Frank to preserve the legacy of his families coffee production, while also emphasizing and improving quality via new varietals or processes. Sustainability, while minimizing environmental impact also remains at the forefront. 

The care and attention Frank gives his coffee is apparent right off the bat, and he uses his skills as a former chef to refine his processing. He supervises the picking of only ripe cherries, and then ensures that the cherries are carefully sorted before pulping. This is then where the fermentation process begins, leaving the cherries for 24hrs and carefully making sure the temperature never rises about 25 degrees celsius. From there, he depulps and leaves the coffee to ferment in pickle barrels for 25-30hrs. When the Ph reaches 4 and the brixometer reaches 9 degrees brix, he washes the coffee and then makes sure it is dried in the shade. 

This coffee was sourced by our friends at Shared Source. Michelle & Andrew, with their staff, do an excellent job with providing pricing transparency and develop lifelong relationships with their farming partners, which is why we love to work with them. Frank Torres is a perfect example of this, as he was actually hired by Shared Source and helps represent them in Colombia. 

We first tried Frank's coffee 3 years ago while we were visiting friends in Australia, so it is exciting for us to have it in our lineup. It's a wonderful lot sourced by a lovely team and roasted carefully and precisely with intention of showing off the diverse and complex range of flavours available in Colombian coffees.

Varietals: Caturra & Variedad
Region: La Pradera, Nariño, Southern Colombia
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Processing: Washed