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Colombia Edilma Lopez

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Notes of apple cider, grape, vanilla.

Edilma Lopez hails as a member of a generational coffee farming family, on her inherited farm Finca El Estoraque. Her and her families lots have been many a time entered into the Cup Of Excellence program in Colombia, but in most recent years, her focus has shifted back to farm management and the results show in the cup! This coffee is expertly processed, traditionally with a wash process, and yields a clean, balanced and delicious cup!

This coffee carries lovely vanilla tones, sparkling acidity and is a well balanced and crushable daily driver.

This coffee was sourced by our friends at Shared Source. Michelle & Andrew, with their staff and partners in Colombia, do an excellent job with providing pricing transparency, while develop lifelong relationships with their farming partners.

Varietals: Caturra & Variedad
Region: Veracruz Alto, Nariño, Colombia
Altitude: 1900 MASL
Processing: Washed process